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Chicago Cleanup Services

Advanced Trauma Cleanup’s employees have years of experience in crime scene cleanup and hoarding cleanup services, bringing many specialties to the table. Our technicians are experts at bio-hazard remediation and sterilization in residential and commercial environments, ensuring they are safe for residents and employees. Whether  your needs are based on a small volume of bio-hazard material you want to make sure is removed and cleaned properly, or you have a large area or vehicle that needs extensive trauma cleanup, Advanced Trauma Cleanup near Chicago can ensure the area is cleaned, sanitized and returned to its original state.

ATC has been providing these remediation services to the Chicago Housing Authority and other governmental entities for several years. We provide the best cost effective services and will work within your budget.

On the right is a list of services Advanced Trauma Cleanup provides. If you are dealt with a unique situation or are unsure about a specific service, please give us a call, email us, or contact us today!


Cleanup Services List