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Chicago Crime Scene Cleanup

When a violent crime has occurred, you need help from a professional cleanup service like Chicago’s Advanced Trauma Cleanup. The after effects of a traumatic event, such as a violent crime and the police response to it, necessitates services from a crime scene cleanup company that understands the potential biohazards from blood, tissue and bodily fluids as well as the needs of the first responders in gathering as much evidence as possible from the scene.

Our trained crime scene cleanup technicians have widespread experience decontaminating crime scenes from blood, tissue and bodily fluids that are associated with homicide and violent crimes. They will also remove fingerprint dust, tear gas and other materials used during police response. Whether your home or business has been the scene of a homicide, burglary or other violent crime, Advance Trauma Cleanup will thoroughly clean and remediate it of any possible contaminants, giving you peace of mind that your property is as it was before the event.