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Commercial Property Cleanup

Business owners are often faced with challenging situations. As much as everyone hopes they never have to deal with a traumatic event or crime scene cleanup at their place of business, it does happen. Chicago area business owners can rely on the professionals at Advanced Trauma Cleanup for their commercial cleanup needs getting them back in business as fast as possible after a traumatic event.

Although, as a business owner, you may have a janitorial or cleaning service in place, the extent and specialized nature of homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup and crime scene cleanup requires specially trained professionals who have the appropriate biohazard equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training.  Unprotected exposure to decomposition aftermath, toxic chemicals, bacteria and blood borne pathogens can lead to hepatitis, tuberculosis, hantavirus, birth defects, long term chronic respiratory conditions, liver damage and kidney failure. It is imperative that trained crime scene cleanup professionals return your property to its original state. Advanced Trauma Cleanup’s technicians have extensive experience in all facets of crime scene cleanup and will ensure total restoration that is in compliance with OSHA requirements. 

When the unspeakable happens, Advanced Trauma Cleanup is here to help business owners in the Chicago area. Our highly trained professional crime scene cleanup technicians understand your need for your business to get back to “business as usual” with as few interruptions as possible and handle every situation with the utmost discretion.