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Homicide Cleanup

Advanced Trauma Cleanup steps in to handle homicide cleanup, removing an overwhelming detail for family dealing with the loss of a loved one. Our trained professionals work with clients in Chicago and the surrounding areas, dealing with the gruesome homicide cleanup and crime scene cleanup, enabling friends and family to spend their time making arrangements, planning and grieving. ATC works quickly and efficiently while maintaining sensitivity to the situation.

Homicide cleanup can be particularly gruesome, with blood, tissue and bodily fluids that penetrate surfaces. Advanced Trauma Cleanup’s decontamination process doesn’t stop at the obvious biohazards, but encompasses areas less obvious and often overlooked by the untrained eye.  It is imperative that homicide cleanup is done by professionals trained in biohazards to ensure the safety of the property for current and future residents. ATC adheres to strict OSHA standards.

The aftermath of a homicide is traumatic for the family. Our team of highly trained and discreet technicians approaches each homicide clean up with tact and discretion to soften the stress placed on the family.