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Residential Cleanup

Our homes are where we feel most comfortable and safest, which is why it is devastating when that is where a crime or traumatic event happens. Advanced Trauma Cleanup is here to assist with residential cleanup including homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup and accident cleanup to restore your house to its original condition as fast as possible, removing the signs of trauma and any biohazards from your property.

When faced with trauma cleanup in a residential property, it is vital that a professional team, trained in the cleanup and removal of biohazards, is employed to ensure the dwelling is safe for occupancy. Blood, bodily fluids and decomposition aftermath permeate surfaces and, if not properly cleaned, can result in serious health issues. Additionally, odor removal is imperative as well and something that is expertly handled by Advanced Trauma Cleanup. Our team of technicians are trained in all facets of biohazard cleanup and can restore your home to the one you remember.

In addition to crime scene cleanup, Advanced Trauma Cleanup has extensive experience in compulsive hoarding cleanup. Hoarding is a psychological disorder that can destroy lives and property. Advanced Trauma Cleanup provides hoarding cleanup services performed by our trained cleanup professionals who have experience in biohazard cleanups to ensure that the property is cleaned and sanitized and ready for occupancy.  Once the debris is removed, ATC then performs cleaning and sanitization services to return bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and entire homes back to their original condition.