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Posted on July 30th, 2014 in ATC News by admin

 Healer and teacher in ancient Greece, Hippocrates (470-377BC), is known to us historically for the doctor’s oath, ‘First, do no harm’ and as the ‘Father of Modern Medicine’. He also instructed his students to ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.

“Hippocrates symbolized the change in the practice of medicine from mystical to naturalistic principles.  He believed that the physician’s role was essentially to understand and assist nature, to know what humans were in relation to food, drink, occupation, and what effect each of these had upon the others. He, too, espoused the Asclepian mode of gentleness and concern, love and dignity”. 

Based on careful observation, Hippocrates recognized the restorative healing properties of juices often referred to as the ‘nectar of the gods’.  Considering juices and other liquid preparations the safest treatments, he used them to balance the four fluid essences of the body known as the four “humors”.

If these juices and liquid preparations did in fact have restorative and balancing properties, we can see why they were deemed the god’s nectar.

Greek mythology tells us nectar and ambrosia, delivered by doves to
Olympus, were the favorite drink and food of the twelve most prominant gods and goddesses of ancient Greece.

The word nectar comes from the Latin word ‘nectar’ meaning ‘drink of the gods’ which has it’s origins in the Greek word ‘nektar’ – ‘nek’ meaning “death” and ‘tar’ meaning “overcoming”.  Anyone consuming nectar and ambrosia were believed to be graced with the gift of ageless immortality.

Is ageless immortality within our reach? At this time, only in mythology.  What we do have is the gift of vitality from nature’s radiant fruits and glorious vegetables. Beauty and goodness, form, shape, color and fragrance are the qualities of these living foods.

Besides preventing and complimenting the healing of a variety of imbalances and dis-ease conditions in the body, juicing is a practical, effecient way to fulfill the daily requirement of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

 “Juicing provides a solution to this challenge because, by juicing, you can easily and conveniently consume a much greater volume of fruits and vegetables than you can by eating them in solid form.  A single quart of vegetable juice, which can easily be consumed by one person in a single day, supplies the nutrition equivalent to approximately five pounds of solid produce.

This synergistic effect of nutrients is the hallmark of nature’s many fruits and vegetables, and herbs, all of which contain various nutirents that work together and catalyze each other to effeciently perform their various functions. For tens of thousands of years, the human body has depended on this “whole-food” balance of nutrients in plant foods and herbs to properly function and maintain itself”.

It’s recommended we consume 5 servings each of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. . . are you kidding? That’s an excellent health recommendation in theory but in daily life it’s more of a health challenge.

Can this really be done? You bet. Using a juicer or a blender, you can fit this recommended daily allowance and more into an 8 oz glass . . . a fresh, fun, natural solution.